Bumper Bytes

WOW!…the 2024 ALPCA license plate convention is now in the rear view mirror!…a safe 2500 mile round trip took a little longer than usual as stops had to be made every couple of hours to feed my grandson, but he’s a growing boy!…the convention space was crowded with hundreds of members pedaling their inventories, but we especially […] read more
Lansing, Michigan, here we come!…Hatteras (our 15-year old grandson) and I have loaded the Penske truck this year with about 3,000 plates and will depart for the annual ALPCA plate convention in the morning…the meet begins on Wednesday morning and runs through Saturday…he’s hoping we sell enough plates to make a down payment on a […] read more
OK, so not every plate procurement opportunity involves just two or three plates…much to the dismay of the Plate Princess, a recent buy makes that point!…we were contacted by a young man who had inherited his father’s incredible collection of 2,500 passenger, motorcycle, and specialty plates…as the collection was in the basement (where else!) of his […] read more
Take a look at Joey Christenson’s amazing classic!…it is a fiberglass replica of a 1944 VW type 82 or kubelwagen….it was built by Intermeccanica out of Canada in 2000…they are also well known for their Porsche speedster replicas…Joey advises it has only 2200 kilometers on it and uses a 67 Beetle chassis and drivetrain….he wanted an […] read more
On a recent New England license plate shopping sleigh ride, we found some very nice plates in Waldoboro, Maine and Stratton, Vermont…it was 14 degrees during our Maine hunt, warming up to 35 degrees in Vermont…so we stopped on Sunday morning to make a contribution into the church’s collection ‘plate’!…Santa’s ‘making a list’!! read more
At the Lake Mirror Classic Concours & Car Show held today in Lakeland, FL, ‘Wilbur’ was awarded Best in Show – Trucks!!…as many of you know, he is the show vehicle of Great American Plates, with many of the attendees commenting on his 1931 Florida for Health front license plate!…in place of the Plate Princess’s […] read more
Over the years we’ve been fortunate to have had a number of very nice collections of license plates offered to us…and recently a collection with real ‘local color’ was made available to GAP…the Johnston brothers, Philip and Henry, now living in Thomaston, GA contacted us to review about 50 plates that had hung in a […] read more
This is the first time for Hawaii to win this award. The Plate was originally proposed in 2020 to be limited to Electric Vehicles since members of the PVS were also concerned about the environment, but that limitation was quickly dropped as the demand for the plate was great among all motorists, which also generated […] read more
After an 1,850 mile drive across our beautiful country just before the Fourth of July Weekend, the Plate Princess and I arrived in Denver, Colorado for the 2023 Automobile License Plate Collectors’ International Convention…another 450 or so collectors joined us for an enjoyable four day meet…lots of plates to buy, sell, or trade, and plenty of […] read more
…late last year Roger Furman found a 1958 Illinois plate on the Great American Plates website and bought it to mount on his wife’s gorgeous 1958 T-Bird…instead, for the past six months or so, she had hung on display in their house!…she finally had Roger lovingly install it on her chariot!…you ‘da man, Roger!… read more
At the 2023 ALPCA license plate convention in Denver this year, our friend, Chris Fretta, found a real treasure…in the early 1900s,  license plates were made with steel bases covered with porcelain to assure their long life…one of the most well-known manufacturers was the Ingram-Richardson Manufacturing Company…as seen on the 1915 California plate’s backside, their company […] read more
Patience is a virtue, but sometimes good luck plays a role as well…at the 2023 ALPCA convention in Denver this week, we were happy to meet up with Eric Tanner, the current Editor of PLATES magazine (yes, we have our own license plate collectors’ magazine!)…in previous issues, Eric had done a few articles mentioning the DC license […] read more