Bumper Bytes

From 1938 through 1976, Florida plates were issued by each of the 67 counties based on the ranking of counties by population census taken in 1935. Various suffix letters were used to designate weight class, type of vehicle, and replacements, for example. In 1965 Florida celebrated the 400th anniversary of the founding of St Augustine, […] read more
When Norb Bolger and his wife, Karen, decided to enhance their Ontario, Canada home with a pool and ‘recovery’ area, the decorations they chose were license plates of the places they had been together…yes!!…as you can see, while the collection is not yet complete, they are not always lounging by the pool!…we’re glad they have […] read more
…in 2013 Katie began working with Great American Plates, uploading plates for sale to our website…since then she has processed thousands of plates, in addition to keeping our records up-to-date, scrounging around town for more plate stashes, and refereeing marital plate disputes…she is currently training a new ‘temp’ to lighten her load…look familiar?!…we rewarded Katie’s […] read more
…to continue our commitment to social distancing, a few days ago we drove solo from Lakeland to Knoxville (650 miles) to inspect an incredible collection of Tennessee license plates, along with a large number of other state plates…about 2,250 in all…included were three  complete sets of TN plates, including one 1915!!…it will take several days […] read more
A few months ago we were contacted by Caleb Wolfram…he was inquiring about one of our 1965 Florida plates in our personal collections he had seen on the Great American Plates website…as many of you know, Florida previously identified its plates with the county coding of 1 through 67, with 2 the designation for Duval County…and guess […] read more
…in 2014 we received our first order from a young man in the south of France…as an executive with a major airline, Fred began collecting and displaying plates from all 50 US states, shown here after a 6-year effort proudly hanging in his garage!…along with his prize VW Bug and other airline memorabilia…Fred and his […] read more
WOW!…take a look at the Whaley’s beautifully restored 1964 Chevy Corvette, proudly displaying a 1964 Missouri license plate supplied by GAP…Ms. Whaley advises her husband has a few more tasks to complete, but given all the extra time on his hands, the inaugural ride is not too far away…be proud, and be safe! read more
…one of our good license plate customers, Greg Zora, recently bought a set of 1939 plates for his Packard hearse…he has owned it for 48 years!…when he bought it back then it had a legitimate Rhode Island plate on it…you guessed it, it read “STIFF”!…it was subsequently recalled by the state registry…it now sports that […] read more
Christmas came early at our house!…thanks to Jeff Francis, ONLY 56, 62, and 67 to go…took Jeff 27 years and me 15, so far!!…THANKS Jeff!!!!! read more
“…my grandfather is a license plate nut…he used to take me and my brothers to the zoo, the movies, and the beach here in Pensacola, but now he drags us into all the antique malls, yard sales, and junk stores…he claims he will fund our college educations, but we think we should fund his therapy […] read more
In 2004 when we launched Great American Plates, we were fortunate to engage the services of Jeffry Bates, our one and only Web Master. With the help of his brother, George, he capitalized on all of the limited technology available at the time and crafted a visually impressive and functionally efficient launch pad for this […] read more
How about this beautiful, original 6-cylinder Powerglide 1950 Chevrolet!…Tim Edwards of Union, OH recently pulled it out of storage, where it had been kept since 1960!…he christened it ‘Kitty’ and installed the pair of Ohio tags supplied by Great American Plates…what a jewel. read more