Bumper Bytes

WOW!…meet Winburn’s 1956 MG…her Uncle Bob passed it on to her and she anxiously wanted a pair of 1956 VA plates to commemorate the gift…it took us a while to find a great set, but now her only problem is trying to figure out how to mount the front plate!…any suggestions would be welcomed! read more
Congratulations to our New Zealand license plate friend, Terry McKeown!…he patiently worked with us as he assembled a beautiful 1962 US plate collection….he then mounted the plates and framed them very neatly for a colorful display…all managed at a distance of over 8,000 miles!…cheers, Terry. read more
Rick K. of Pennsylvania waited and waited for his dream car, and he found it!…a beautiful two-door Chevrolet 396 Super Sport…it only lacked a pristine 1966 PA tag to get it on the road, so he contacted GAP and had us overnight our best one!…the lipstick red shows it off rather nicely, don’t you think?!…boys […] read more
When Norb Bolger and his wife, Karen, decided to enhance their Ontario, Canada home with a pool and ‘recovery’ area, the decorations they chose were license plates of the places they had been together…yes!!…as you can see, while the collection is not yet complete, they are not always lounging by the pool!…we’re glad they have […] read more
A few months ago we were contacted by Caleb Wolfram…he was inquiring about one of our 1965 Florida plates in our personal collections he had seen on the Great American Plates website…as many of you know, Florida previously identified its plates with the county coding of 1 through 67, with 2 the designation for Duval County…and guess […] read more
WOW!…take a look at the Whaley’s beautifully restored 1964 Chevy Corvette, proudly displaying a 1964 Missouri license plate supplied by GAP…Ms. Whaley advises her husband has a few more tasks to complete, but given all the extra time on his hands, the inaugural ride is not too far away…be proud, and be safe! read more
…one of our good license plate customers, Greg Zora, recently bought a set of 1939 plates for his Packard hearse…he has owned it for 48 years!…when he bought it back then it had a legitimate Rhode Island plate on it…you guessed it, it read “STIFF”!…it was subsequently recalled by the state registry…it now sports that […] read more
How about this beautiful, original 6-cylinder Powerglide 1950 Chevrolet!…Tim Edwards of Union, OH recently pulled it out of storage, where it had been kept since 1960!…he christened it ‘Kitty’ and installed the pair of Ohio tags supplied by Great American Plates…what a jewel. read more
Great American Plates is fortunate to be able to provide the ‘cherry on the sundae’ many times for our good friends and clients by providing that special license plate for a restored classic car…especially after all the hard work and financial investment put into a project…witness the masterpiece of Vance and Robin Young from Columbia, […] read more
Steve Crow of Woodbridge, Virginia is the proud owner of this 1965 Ford Mustang…he recently had GAP supply a very nice pair of appropriate number plates which he immediately cleared through the Virginia DMV and mounted on his pride and joy…Santa’s sleigh can’t hold a candle to it, Steve…congrats! read more
When you give a license plate, you don’t just give a piece of tin or metal you help complete something important to someone else. Whether its completing the restoration of a classic car or that perfect collection. As seen here loyal customers of Daddy O’s in Oxford, Maine, Joel and Rose wanted to help the […] read more
GAP recently supplied John McCaddin with a very nice pair of 1975 NY license plates for his pride and joy, a beautiful Chrysler New Yorker…John mentioned he gets almost as many compliments about the plates as he does his car!…YOM plates are an inexpensive way to complete a restoration or highlight an original-condition ride…thanks for […] read more