Bumper Bytes

GAP recently supplied John McCaddin with a very nice pair of 1975 NY license plates for his pride and joy, a beautiful Chrysler New Yorker…John mentioned he gets almost as many compliments about the plates as he does his car!…YOM plates are an inexpensive way to complete a restoration or highlight an original-condition ride…thanks for […] read more
At a recent license plate auction in Kennebunk, ME, we recently purchased this porcelain plate…it was reportedly issued to President Woodrow Wilson during his term…he served from 1913 to 1921, the first Democrat to serve consecutive terms since Andrew Jackson!…we’re attempting to authenticate the claim through friends at the Smithsonian…stay tuned!! read more
Our French Connection Frederic Gergaud is a license plate collector and a GAP customer from Quetigny, France…he’s having a hard time explaining to his wife and kids how he got ‘hooked on plates’, so if you can help him explain it, post some suggestions on our Facebook page for him…and check out that beautiful VW […] read more
Sometime ago we were emailed by a gentleman from Greenwood, SC…said he had found our site and wondered if we would be interested in his ‘collection’ of late 1930’s SC license plates…turns out, as seen in the accompanying pictures, that his dad had accummulated the plates ‘back then’ and used them for ‘shingles’ on two […] read more
On a beautiful Saturday morning in Elgin, Illinois, about 40 license plate scavengers attended the Damisch estate auction of about 425 lots of license plates….the entire event was professionally managed by the Bunte Auction House…plate lots were well-displayed, the auction room was comfortable and spacious, and food service was available…starting promptly at 10:00 am, the […] read more
We recently received an order for a pair of ‘vanity’ plates from Crystal Corrigan right here in our hometown of Lakeland, FL…as we came to learn, Crystal has been saving images of clever word-play plates for about five years, most of them displayed on a door in her home!…now she’s actually collecting the plates themselves…she is […] read more
While you might not see it on the Grand Concours at Pebble Beach, this 1955 Packard is still near and dear to Phillip Turton…Great American Plates recently found a nice 1955 Pennsylvania plate for him, and as we tell our wives, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! read more
Great American Plates recently had a holiday opportunity to play Santa Claus, sending a 1931 New Jersey license plate to Roger Burton, who was not only born in New Jersey in 1931, he actually came to own a 1931 Model A…unfortunately Roger only has one remaining picture of his “A”, shown here with a 1949 […] read more
vWe had a good plate friend, Pat Maloney, of Manchester, NJ, order a 1929 NJ plate from us a few week ago for his Model A Tudor sedan…nothing extra fancy, just a tag that was original and presentable…and here it is on his beautiful ride!…to us Model A buffs, the Tudor is special as most […] read more
Satisfying the YOM plates desires of our classic car customers has always been a special source of pride for Great American Plates. Recently Travis Wafstet asked us to locate a pair of 1957 Montana plates for his Chevrolet Bel Air…we did, and he’s shared a few pictures of the results. The beautiful Mission Mountains in […] read more
A few months ago RB and Elizabeth LaGrone asked us to help find a nice pair of 1937 Alabama tags for their pride and joy Chevy Classic…we did find them, but they wanted them to be ‘perfect’, so we recommended them to the Tag Doctor, Rod Pearman…he did his magic, and we know you’ll also […] read more
Plates are interesting, but tin and lifeless, however the stories we’ve heard and the friends we’ve made over the years are priceless!…a few weeks ago we electronically met Golde Wallingford of Clayton, ID who had inquired about our interest in a ‘pile of old Idaho plates’…living in Florida, we don’t see too many of those, […] read more