Bumper Bytes

WOW!…meet Winburn’s 1956 MG…her Uncle Bob passed it on to her and she anxiously wanted a pair of 1956 VA plates to commemorate the gift…it took us a while to find a great set, but now her only problem is trying to figure out how to mount the front plate!…any suggestions would be welcomed! read more
Congratulations to our New Zealand license plate friend, Terry McKeown!…he patiently worked with us as he assembled a beautiful 1962 US plate collection….he then mounted the plates and framed them very neatly for a colorful display…all managed at a distance of over 8,000 miles!…cheers, Terry. read more
Yes, it’s that time again!…finally, an in-person international ALPCA license plate collectors’ convention!…our 16 year-old grandson, Cayman, and I are headed to Covington, KY to buy (surely), sell (hopefully) or trade (maybe) some of our 12,000 license plates…CJ is ‘in training’ to become the future CEO of Great American Plates, and you can see the […] read more
…my wife and I live in a home here in Central Florida that was built in 1925…as most older homes in Florida, it is raised off the ground to allow for air circulation for cooling…when we bought it, I decided to crawl under it and see what ‘treasures’ I could find!…a lot of contractor trash, […] read more
Our newest license plate collector from Villelaure, France, Damien D., just received his first order from Great American Plates, and was so satisfied with it he displayed it at the front of his wife’s car around her French license plate!…might he have been trying to garner her support for his new hobby?!…tres bien, Damien read more
Rick K. of Pennsylvania waited and waited for his dream car, and he found it!…a beautiful two-door Chevrolet 396 Super Sport…it only lacked a pristine 1966 PA tag to get it on the road, so he contacted GAP and had us overnight our best one!…the lipstick red shows it off rather nicely, don’t you think?!…boys […] read more
With two shots in my arm and the unmitigated support of my wife and our pups, I arose yesterday at 4:00 am and headed to the Tampa airport for a 6:00 am flight to Charlotte, where I rented a car and drove to Easley, SC to visit with our new GAP license plate friend, Wanda […] read more
In our role as the Mortician of Motoring Memories, there is no limit to the effort to which we will go to acquire interesting and collectible license plates for our friends and customers! For example, while scanning ads for ‘in person only’ auctions (our favorites because they’re usually small, in remote locations, and in this crazy Covid time, easy to […] read more
From 1938 through 1976, Florida plates were issued by each of the 67 counties based on the ranking of counties by population census taken in 1935. Various suffix letters were used to designate weight class, type of vehicle, and replacements, for example. In 1965 Florida celebrated the 400th anniversary of the founding of St Augustine, […] read more
When Norb Bolger and his wife, Karen, decided to enhance their Ontario, Canada home with a pool and ‘recovery’ area, the decorations they chose were license plates of the places they had been together…yes!!…as you can see, while the collection is not yet complete, they are not always lounging by the pool!…we’re glad they have […] read more
…in 2013 Katie began working with Great American Plates, uploading plates for sale to our website…since then she has processed thousands of plates, in addition to keeping our records up-to-date, scrounging around town for more plate stashes, and refereeing marital plate disputes…she is currently training a new ‘temp’ to lighten her load…look familiar?!…we rewarded Katie’s […] read more
…to continue our commitment to social distancing, a few days ago we drove solo from Lakeland to Knoxville (650 miles) to inspect an incredible collection of Tennessee license plates, along with a large number of other state plates…about 2,250 in all…included were three  complete sets of TN plates, including one 1915!!…it will take several days […] read more