Bumper Bytes

With a considerable Florida license plate inventory of our own, GAP was delighted when James Scott of West Palm Beach, Florida contacted us looking for an above-average 1936 Florida plate for his V-8 Ford classic…pictures were exchanged and in short order one of our favorite plates finally had another bumper on which to ride!! read more
Matt and Ali Kovach live on a 35-acre spread in the Yampa River Valley in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with Bodi, Stella, and their dog, Savannah…included in their fleet of farmyard implements is a 1949 Ford stake body grain hauler, which they are now restoring…to make it official, GAP supplied a fine 1949 Colorado truck tag!! read more
Just before this past Christmas, Jim Clearwater of Cornwall, NY contacted Great American Plates looking for a special Christmas present for his father. In the works was the restoration of a very special 1953 Ford F350 long bed pick-up. The truck had originally been purchased new by Jim’s grandfather in 1953, and has been in […] read more
“Pedro Granadillo is blessed with houses in Florida and Colorado, AND, a 1949 Chevrolet pick-up truck!….he contacted GAP’s Concierge Service to help him find a super pair of 1949 Colorado plates, which as you can see we were able to find in almost “mint” condition….the Colorado DMV was quite helpful in clearing the plates, and […] read more
“Jim Sheedy of Syracuse New York is the proud owner of a beautiful 1931 Model A Ford, complete with cowl lights, left- and right-hand spare tires, and a rumble seat to boot!…GAP was asked to supply a commensurately nice pair of 1931 New York plates, cleared for mounting and road use….they were the icing on […] read more
“Chris Ortego was excited to find a pretty nice pair of 1932 Louisiana plates on the GAP site at a “high-but-reasonable” price…but he wanted them in pristine condition, so upon GAP’s recommendation he sent them to Rod Pearman, the Tag Doctor www.tagdr.com and we thought you might like to see the “before” and “after” shots!” read more
“Ms. Holly Knight-Moore was recently looking for a pair of 1957 NY plates for her husband for a surprise Father’s Day gift…we assume that’s Chuck behind the wheel of this T-Bird beauty…Great American Plates was glad to help with locating the thoughtful present!” read more