Bumper Bytes

Several months ago we were contacted by Dave Hemingway, who lives just outside of Boston… in Dave’s words, “My grandfather was in WWI, too old to fight in 1941 when WWII broke out, but he was doing his part by collecting old license plates for scraps to help in the War efforts… he became ill […] read more
On our way to accumulating over 3000 license plates in the GAP inventory, one of our first acquisitions was a 1931 license plate we won on eBay, amazingly with the number “1931.” As we have a 1931 Model T Ford pick-up truck and a business apartment in Chicago, we thought it was pretty cool… but […] read more
Plate and classic car aficionados, take a look at the handiwork of Bob and Jan Alexander of Murfreesboro, TN… They are the proud owners of a 1955 Chevy BelAir sedan and have complemented their vehicle with a nice collection of 1955 plates and a run of Tennessee plates arranged in two venerable “bowties” on the […] read more
Jim Fast retired in the fall of 2008, and in preparation for that retirement, he and his wife purchased a second home in Colorado, with the intent of making that their permanent residence in the next year or so. It was also their intention to take their beautifully restored 1930 Ford Model A Cabriolet with […] read more
We first heard from Roger Reimer of Laughlin, Nevada in March of 2009 …for several years he had been accumulating a YOB run for 1946 while his good friend was accumulating antique fishing lures. …he lacked a dozen or so plates, including the usual hard-to-find ones like Delaware, District of Columbia , Hawaii and Alaska. […] read more
In the annals of license plate collecting, this story has to be a classic….while on a recent hunting trip to Wyoming, 70-somethings Doug Waterman and Ralph Walker found a rusty old plate sticking up out of a gopher mound…they saw that it was stamped ‘Colorado” with plenty of slots for tabs (which were missing), raised […] read more
One of our international customers, Urs Notter of Rheinfelden, Switzerland, caught our offer of a pair of vintage license plate brackets for classic 1927 Packard automobiles. …he’ll soon be installing them on one of these two incredibly conditioned motor cars. …Great American Plates found the brackets in a small off-the-beaten-path antique store in West Virginia […] read more