1965 Florida 400th Anniversary License Plates Collection

Don’t tell the indigenous inhabitants of Florida, but credit is given to Juan Ponce de Leon for ‘discovering’ Florida in 1565…so in 1965 Florida decided to honor that event by issuing a bright red plate with yellow letters and numbers (think Spanish hues)…as it also happened, I was in high school in 1965, about to sell my 1931 Model A Ford five-window coupe I had restored at our family’s gas station in Cutler, Florida…proceeds were to help fund my first year in college…it had a 1965 Florida plate on it, and I clearly remember focusing on it as the buyer drove it away…so 1965 Florida plates have always been among my favorites…with 67 counties in Florida, our plates for many years always carried the rank by population/registrations, and as you can see, we’re still missing Hamilton (56) and Lafayette (62) Counties…help!