1941 Sample License Plates Collection

Several years ago as I was just getting addicted to license plate collecting, trading, buying, and selling, my wife and I were in one of the many, many antique malls we have ‘visited’ over the years…this one was in Milwaukee and as I was looking at old newspapers stacked for sale, I spotted a centerfold of a 1941 edition displaying sample license plates for each of United States for 1941…as my wife remarked, “Please don’t tell me this is another one of your ‘signs from God’ to start another collection!”…it was, and I did…we now have all of the sample plates from all of the US states and Canadian Provinces and territories for 1941 (marking the US’s entry into WW II), EXCEPT New Mexico and the Yukon Territory!…we’ve even added a few foreign samples…I put money in the ‘collection’ plate every Sunday