1928-1939 Jacksonville Bridge Toll Plates Collection

These license plates were issued to those who pre-paid the toll to pass over the Acosta draw bridge in Jacksonville, Florida. The Acosta bridge, opened in 1921 and is seen in this 1930’s picture as the upper bridge. Jacksonville is centrally located in Duval County. The lower adjacent bridge was for the railroad and was the first permanent river crossing built in 1890. Automobile plates were sold from 1928 through 1939, and you can see we’re still several plates away from a full set!

1921 Toll Fee Schedule
Pedestrians – 2 cents
Car Passenger – 3 cents
Bus passenger – 3 cents
Cars – 15 cents
Trucks – 25 cents
Ox drawn carts – 50 cents
Sightseers – 75 cents