With two shots in my arm and the unmitigated support of my wife and our pups, I arose yesterday at 4:00 am and headed to the Tampa airport for a 6:00 am flight to Charlotte, where I rented a car and drove to Easley, SC to visit with our new GAP license plate friend, Wanda Gibson…she had agreed to sell me her father’s collection of older SC and other collectible license plates…he and his wife had passed this past Fall, and Wanda was now in the process of liquidating his inventory…imagine my joy as I wound through the hills of SC and met Ms. Wanda on a rainy, dreary day, then to be led to her dad’s ’sheds’…wow, a hoarder’s delight!!…every item came with a story, and clearly Wanda was her dad’s girl!…I loaded up about 350 plates and bid her good-bye as I headed to the nearest UPS store…then two hours back to the Charlotte airport in the driving rain, soaking wet and catching a stand-by flight back to Tampa…just in time for dinner!…keep an eye out for uploads to the GAP site next week…prayers to Wanda from GAP!