We first heard from Roger Reimer of Laughlin, Nevada in March of 2009

…for several years he had been accumulating a YOB run for 1946 while his good friend was accumulating antique fishing lures.

…he lacked a dozen or so plates, including the usual hard-to-find ones like Delaware, District of Columbia , Hawaii and Alaska.

…Roger is a Veteran and quite involved in the activities of the local VFW, where he serves as President….he is also an avid traveler, having visited all of the 46 National Parks in the ‘lower 48’ except the three in Florida!!

…with the help of Great American Plates, Roger has now completed his YOB run.

…in addition, as he was focusing on 1946, he also acquired other “colorful plates of the past”!!

…as Roger reports, he has 328 plates “hanging in the rafters and on the walls”, with room for no more!…many of us suffer the same situation!

…Roger is one of the truly great Americans and one of Great American Plates’ true friends.