During our recent trip to Reno, Nevada GAP met David B. Cole, a Russian/Bulgarian plate collector from Portland, Oregon.  We were able to sell David a Japanese plate and sign, which we had purchased from Chris Hutchings, a woman who is also from Portland who found these plates (owned by her former husband) while moving.  We suspected the sign was an ad for the plate that came with it.  David gave the sign to his niece (also a Portland resident) who speaks Japanese and was able to translate it.   And you’ll never guess what it means… “Dog owners, please clean up your pet’s poop”… We forwarded this translation on to Chris and we are all still laughing!  David’s niece is even transferring the sign to t-shirts to sell at Portland farmer’s markets.  She says Portland is “infested with dog owners who sometimes think their pets rank above children” (and Chris agrees).  We’re sure everyone at the farmer’s markets will get a kick out of these t-shirts too!