Recently Charles DeFanti, Professor Emeritus at Kean University who lives in Manhattan, purchased his first plate from us….we soon learned that he and his wife, Leni, share a passion for plates…well, maybe not a 50/50 emotion!….his office is tastefully? decorated with all types of plates and signs, including oval country markers from defunct countries like German Democratic Republic (DDR) and Czechoslavakia (CS)…there’s an enamel sign that reads ‘spitting will bring you a $500 fine plus a year in jail’ if you offended on the subway in 1919 (severe global flu epidemic), another one that reads, ‘dogs are not permitted in Austrian eating establishments’ (Wir durfen nicht hinein), and an old English porcelain plaque that offers you pure white floating Fairy Soap, plus a whole lot more!..Charles says his office is “not a conventional workplace”…Charles also recently gifted a GAP plate to his brother, Thomas, a former professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago…there is no accounting for good taste!