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Though we offer plates that span the history of U.S. motoring, we have a special fondness for 1928 to 1932 vintages.

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Plates collected during WWII make their way to GAP

Several months ago we were contacted by Dave Hemingway, who lives just outside of Boston… in Dave’s words, “My grandfather was in WWI, too old to fight in 1941 when WWII broke out, but he was doing his part by collecting old license plates for scraps to help in the War efforts… he became ill and never followed through with scrapping them… my parents bought the house in 1950 after my father came home from Korea, and I bought the house in 1990 from my mother… the plates my grandfather had accumulated were still in boxes in the basement”… after selecting a few of the plates as family keepsakes, Dave crated them up and shipped them off to Florida, where many of them still reside on the GAP site!