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Special Delivery for a special 1930 CO plate


Jim Fast retired in the fall of 2008, and in preparation for that retirement, he and his wife purchased a second home in Colorado, with the intent of making that their permanent residence in the next year or so. It was also their intention to take their beautifully restored 1930 Ford Model A Cabriolet with them when they relocate. Since there are dual brackets, Jim thought it would be a great idea to display a plate from 1930 along with the appropriately registered one. The natural next step whenever one has a great idea is to execute a search through trusty ole Google, where Jim found GAP and purchased the plate he was looking for.


Although the plate was sent "Special Delivery" on January 26th, it appears that the plate arrived in Jim’s neighborhood while a substitute carrier was filling in, and the substitute carrier had placed it in a box in her vehicle. Somehow, she proceeded to overlook it for more than a few days…actually until March 6! When she finally realized that she still had it in her vehicle it was hand delivered to Jim's front door with a sincere apology.

In this case "Special Delivery" meant the plate was special. Jim comments that the plate "is a beaut", and was well worth the wait!

(Jim also quipped that he was relieved that the post office didn't charge him storage...but admits that as a general rule it works reasonably well, and that is what allows us all to take it for granted.)