If you've got a passion for plates, you've come to the right place.

We're collectors just like you, and we're always out there hunting for rare, high quality or otherwise exceptional plates.

Though we offer plates that span the history of U.S. motoring, we have a special fondness for 1928 to 1932 vintages.

Our collection is always changing so we hope you'll come back often.

All the best - GAP!

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A man, his plates, and his dog!

...while admiring the spoils of the Hamel Estate Auction in Epsom, NH, and being guarded by our faithful Plate Puppy, Josephine, kudos are extended to George Foster and his professional auction team for an extremely well-run event…3,700 plates in 250 lots sold in just over two hours!!...my wife kept his card for future reference…hmmm?!