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Though we offer plates that span the history of U.S. motoring, we have a special fondness for 1928 to 1932 vintages.

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Thanks for stopping by! Great American Plates is your growing source for rare, unusual, or otherwise exceptional plates. After years of private collecting from country road-trips, collector shows and flea markets we finally got our act together and cataloged our continually growing collection.

GAP is less of a business and more of a passion. Truth told, we’re addicted. License plates help us to better understand the story our our great nation and its history of motoring. When we hold a 1933 Florida passenger plate it makes us think of what the State must have been like back then, way before the evolution of the modern highway, as the country emerged from the not so great depression.

Our 1931 New York plate might just have been attached to a Ford Model A similar to “Wilbur”, my wife’s overly pampered pride and joy.

License plates are real, tangible and everlasting pieces of americana, each with a story to tell--some remarkable and some mundane, but each a compilation of roads traveled, storms weathered, and people living their lives.

We’re proud members of the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association (ALPCA #10757) and love hearing from other collectors around the nation. Though we’re based in Florida we hit as many collector shows in other parts of the country as our “day jobs” allow.

In addition to our collection of "plates for sale", I invite you to visit our private collection.

We hope you find our collection interesting and fairly priced. If you’ve got any questions or comments we’d love to hear from you.

Gap Kovach
Founder and Collector
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